Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Real Records You May Have Missed #8

Costs less than three cans of hairspray!


  1. Some local record productions were very cheaply made. This one, it seems, has no hard cover - just the paper sleeve.

  2. I can't believe you found this, Eddie!! Do you know who that is? That's Geraldine Ronzoni from Philadelphia. Monday through Friday she was one of the kids who danced on Dick Ckark's American Bandstand. On Sundays she sang at Tenth Presbyterian Church.

    In Philadelphia they still talk about that day back in 1960 when Geraldine was singing Nearer My God to Thee when she got too close to a burning candle and her hair erupted in flames. A quick-thinking deacon immediately grabbed her and plunged Geraldine's head into the baptismal font, extinguishing the fire.

    After it was ascertained that Geraldine was unharmed, a comittee was immediately formed for the purpose of determining whether the Presbyterian rule against second baptisms had been violated.

    Later, Pastor Donald Grey Barnhouse would often use the incident as one of his famous sermon illustrations.

  3. Very cleverly written. You actually had me doing research on the web to check out the facts. I would give you an ovation, but those guitars are too expensive.


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