Saturday, October 17, 2009

Conference Buttons #6

fyi...there are "ordinary Arminians" who realize doctrinal differences are here to stay and are open for discussion about such matters. They are still teachable.
And then there are the "ornery Arminians" who would like to see all Calvinists banned from the marketplace. You can't tell them anything.
To such "Theologs" we reply, "Say Cheese!"
Their pictures are taken and they come out blurry every time. That is because they are not yet fully developed as they should be.
These radicals will continue to load their cannons with semi-Pelagian ammo and fire at those Christians who have a particular fondness for tulips.
Hey! Don't blame me...I was predestined to be a Sovereign Grace man!


  1. ...just want to know if anyone got the hidden joke...(well, kinda hidden)

  2. I noticed an oxymoron: A theological Arminian :-P

  3. when they take verses out of context they do it radically!!!


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