Sunday, October 25, 2009


Now is your chance to jump back into the past and change it!


  1. In a couple of weeks, I will start at the very beginning of this blog and work my way through. I will pay $20 for every new comment made. Yes, you heard right! TWENTY DOLLARS! TWO TENS! FOUR FIVES! A TEN AND TWO FIVES! Any way you want to count it. All you have to do is to knock on my door here in Q8 within 24 hours after you post it and you will have your money in hand!

  2. STUPENDOUS idea, Eddie. This is good news, not only for those who are relatively new to Calvinistic Cartoons (like myself), but I'm sure that some of your long time commenters have some fresh ideas.

    (Now, I'd better look up the definition of "stupendous" to make sure that I didn't accidently insult you or something.)


  3. It can be done. 18 and half hours from LAX to Kuwait City, $3200. That leaves five and half hours to get through security and find a camel taxi to your house. Is it possible to get the $20 in silver?

  4. Still praying for you daughter.

  5. Thanks for your prayers Ellery.

    And you will have to factor in the fact that many streets here have no names...and I haven't given my address to anyone. But, go ahead and will be worth it for me to entertain an old friend.

  6. Address? I will just ask in a whispered Arabic accent, "Take me to the Calvinistic Cartoons guy from America." I am sure they all know you by now, but I would want to be double sure they didn't take me to some other Calvinistic Cartoons guy.


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