Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just for Laughs #40

Interesting situation that needs a creative mind to word out the details.


  1. Harley Loonan, an expert at building time machines, knew time travel was a one-way, into-the-past-only, random year event that could happen only on Fridays. He filled his motorcycle saddlebags with plenty of beef jerky, a box of Red Hots and a copy of Spurgeon's Sermons on Time Travel. He started up the time vortex machine he had built with the spare parts of a cement mixer and waited for the flash of light.

    Harley found himself in the Civil War looking straight into the eyes of a company of war-tired and home-sick soldiers.
    Living here would have its challenges.
    It was twenty years later that Harley realized he was his own great grandfather. So he left his future self a note which read, "When you get your first computer, look me up in the family archieves. You will notice a striking resemblance."
    Harley became a humble preacher of the Gospel and was buried standing up so that other people would have more room.

  2. the being 'buried standing up so that other people would have more room' comment is probably the funniest thing I've heard in a looong long time.
    thanks for that.

  3. When Armand Inious, organizer of the Third Street People's Church annual picnic, saw Bud Calvin ride up on his motorcycle he knew their would be trouble.

  4. John, the resident theologian of the local Heaven's Angels MC Club, has suddenly come up on a rare tribe of 19th Centurers. They have withdrawn from society to read the KJV Only and try to forget about the Young Restless Reformed crowd. John's work is cut out for him, to try and reach this group with his ESV and help them face their arminian fears.


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