Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An Open Letter to My Amish Friends

I've noticed that no Amish people write in and comment. What's up with that?! If I have offended the Amish community with my humor, I apologise. In fact, if an Amish leader will just email me, I will help with a barn raising come September of next year! More than that, I will donate twenty five Wii game systems and a used ipod to the first Amish village that becomes followers of Calvinistic Cartoons. I hope you all have a great day and a fabulous Menno-nite!


  1. My Amish penpal Eli McJeffersmith tells me that "Wii is what the young people say when the wagon takes a turn too quickly." Eli is very suspicious of the internets and ipods, "I don't much like spiders or plants," he tells me.

  2. Thanks alaaji!
    ..and Philip...very clever!

  3. It's the beard. If your beard was longer... Maybe you can photoshop an Amish beard on your picture.

    Just thinking out loud here.

  4. Thanks for thinking out loud! If only more would do as you do, we would hear the rumble of thought-storms on the horizon, an idea-vortex in the ocean of blog or at least the cacophany of a community brain-freeze. (every once in a while I try to be a little poetic)

    (maybe I will try harder next time)

  5. After attending a Pompous Driven Church conference in southern California, brothers Fred, Bill, and Tom misinterpreted 1 Cor 9:22 by actually becoming Amish...

    Their conversion was short-lived however. Once they found they had to give up their Twitter and iphones, they were out like a 1692 candle in a windstorm...

  6. A Mysterious letter arrived in my mailbox:

    Mr. Eddings,

    Ja...Jour toons be offenser to us Ana..Baptisters. Jour thinking is too Clavinister por us Old Keisters!

    Elder Jonsten

  7. I will volunteer to be Amish for the used Ipad.


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