Saturday, October 10, 2009

E Slops Fables #2

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  1. One day in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Beau Lynpin and Beau Lynpin Jr. were making their way to the Kingpin Bowling Alley to attend Church. As Beau Sr. was explaining the Five Pins of Calvinism to Jr., an Arminian Bowling Ball sped by them in anger.
    "That's Jury Vines son, it wants to smash every Five Pinner he sees. You have to be careful crossing this street. He thinks he owns it."
    "Okay, Pop," little Beau said.
    Just then they heard a loud crash like the sound of several bowling pins being hit. They ran to the street corner and found the Jury Vines had smashed into his own kind. The stench of death was everywhere.
    "You see, son," Beau Sr. said, "when you speed through life in a reckless manner - even if you are aiming at a target - you just might hurt yourself and others in the process."

    Moral: Slow down Arminian, especially when interpreting Scripture, or you may be destroying your own progress.


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