Sunday, October 11, 2009

Real Records You May Have Missed #11

I would think that this album would have a lot of trouble selling.
First, Roberta is holding a toy guitar.
Second, the title is usually a sort of overview of the contents.
(Not to "cut her down" but personally, "Trees of the Lord" is not something I would rush out to buy)
Anyone out there ever heard this album?


  1. Her first album was "Those Ever Precious Pine Cones" and sold over thirteen copies the first week!

  2. Unfortunately, I am only too familiar with that album.

    A friendly guy named Slick Benny, once convinced me to buy a boxcar load of "Trees of the Lord" and sell them for a neat little profit. It worked out to 25 cents per album, and I would re-sell them at a dollar each. Even if I only sold 90% of them, that would be enough money for me to quit my job and enjoy a life of leisure in Guatemala.

    Needless to say, it didn't work out as I had planned. I still have all the records AND the boxcar they came in. You guessed it; I didn't read the fine print on the purchase contract, and unknowingly bought the boxcar itself.

    I sometimes play one of the 'Trees of the Lord albums on the old sterio, the songs really aren't that bad. In fact, after listening for a while they kind of grow on you.

    I never saw Slick Benny again, but recently an acquaintance (who, coincidently has a boxcar in his back yard, same as me) said that he heard that Benny was enjoying a life of leisure in Guatemala.

  3. By the way, Eddie. That acquaintance with the boxcar? I vaguely remember buying thirteen copies of "Those Ever Precious Pine Cones" from him a long time ago. (I wonder what he has in his boxcar.)


  4. That was Slick Benny Crane who sold his wife's albums.

  5. That's a ukulele, Eddie, not a toy guitar.

  6. ...maybe it's a toy ukulele...

    it took me over two years to come up with a response to that one.

  7. "...and we shall bear fruit, how can we but help it? We're trees of the Lord and we're planted by Him". Husband's name, Standlee Crane (now deceased); she 'holds forth' at Evangelistic Center Church (God's Armory), 1024 Truman Road, KC, MO. Who'da thunk? Abt. 1960-63, or so. BTW, I 'love' Mr. Orange - he's marginally brilliant! Well, at least, he's on the margin!


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