Monday, October 12, 2009

Fan Photo from Jimmy Don Daily

Thanks to Jimmy Don for taking this photo outside of the B'nai Israel - Ohev Zedek synagogue in Coffee Springs, Pennsylvania. Jimmy Don Daily is a long-time fan of Calvinistic Cartoons who never writes and has never become a member. Maybe that will change now that he read the sign made by Vinton Maddocks (the orthodox Jew on the left of the poster). Shalom everybody!


  1. "And there was this one where the bartender says, 'Well, lookie there. A priest, a minister and a rabbi jest walked in.'"

  2. Oy Vei... This is a great Cartoon. What? You want I should tell you a joke, Chaim?

    Q: An honest politician, a self-effacing megachurch preacher, and St. Patrick walk into a schvits. Which one's hair gets wet?

    A: St. Patrick because there's no such thing as an honest politician or a self-effacing megachurch preacher...

  3. @truthinator

    I still haven't stopped laughing..


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