Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Deleted Scene from Prison Break

In this deleted scene, Michael Scofield is talking to Fernando Sucre:

Michael: All of us Scofields have Scofield Bibles. It's a tradition in our family.
Sucre: I am a Roman Catholic. We have the Pope Soap on a Rope that we hand down.
Michael: My Aunt Hattie married a Thompson who has a chain store in Ohio. So she now owns a Thompson Study Bible and a Thompson machine gun. And my sister is now married to Barry Ryrie whose family only uses the Ryrie Study Bible.
Sucre: My brother married a Protestant. And all she does is protest all day long!
Michael: Ha ha ha ha ha
Sucre: Ha ha ha ha ha
Michael: Who says we can't have a few laughs in prison!
Michael and Sucre: Ha ha ha hahahahahah

1 comment:

  1. Michael: I'm not wasting my time with any prison break, either.

    Sucre: Why is that?

    Michael: With the situation in the Middle East and Iran, Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize, a tsunami AND typhoon in the Pacific, plus Detroit just barely getting nudged out of the playoffs, I figure we're in the "Last Days" and any day now, I'm getting raptured out of here.

    Sucre: You get all that from your Scofield Bible?

    Michael: Yeah; pretty much.

    Sucre: I think I will stay with my Pope Soap on a Rope.


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