Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just for Laughs #43

In the words of that famous theologian, Elmer Fudd, "Go west young man".
Go west a while then come back and write a caption or'll do ya good.


  1. From the Picture-Memoirs of Chet “Pappy” Burnett

    About once a month me and the boys would get together after an evening church service and camp out on the range for a night of smokes, song, and fellowship. (That’s me standing.)

    That’s “Slim” Blackman with the guitar singing, “I Saw the Light.”

    Next to “Slim” is Aurelius, the “Cowboy Philosopher.” Folks would come to him for sage advice about some difficulty in their lives. He would always say the same thing; “Stick to your guns.”

    Gaylord “Jingles” Jeffries (second from right) was always a “kick” to have around. “Jingles” was a professional freelance comical side-kick.

    The fella on the right was a man we dubbed “The Stranger.” He would always join us after we got together, and wander off before our meetings broke up. Never said a word. This went on for years. (If anyone reading this recognizes the stranger in the picture, and can provide some information about him, please contact me.)


  2. Wait a minute...I thought you were the Stranger. Whats going on here? I'm starting to think you made that whole thing up just for our amusement.

  3. Every year during the men's retreat the fellers gather round the fire for some good coffee and telling of Holy Ghost stories.


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