Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fan Photo from Larlene Hoofenhoffer

Special thanks to Larlene Hoofenhoffer for sending this photo from the Barnyard Raceway in Chepachet, Rhode Island. Yes, Ms Hoofenhoffer, that is my twin brother Freddy Eddings (who looks exactly like my other twin brother, Teddy...my twin sister, Betty Eddings, looks more like my mother) driving on the racetrack. He was eliminated from the race when the officials found out that poured liquid steroids into the gasoline tank before the race and mixed helium with the air in his tires. He will be fined $100 and have his sparkplugs thrown into the Amazon River.
Larlene, I will be sending you a check for $5,000 for your prize winning photo.


  1. I know one of my sentences above is not structured correctly...but, the more I ignore it, the less it bothers me.

  2. I used to live and work in Chepachet, Rhode Island (helped to plant a church there, actually). Unless something has changed, I can assure you there is NO raceway of any kind in Chepachet. There is, however, a very good church called "Glad Tidings Community Church." If you're ever in the neighborhood, stop in and have a chat with Pastor Teeter. He's a good guy.

    I suppose calling him a good guy doesn't seem very Calvinistic, but it is definitely Biblical and therefore has no opposition to Calvinism. Acts 11:24.

    I'm just rambling on because I'm so excited to see my former town mentioned. Population: very few. And it's the last place on earth anyone would want to build a raceway. So I got a good laugh out of this.

    Derek Ashton

  3. Thanks Derek for your comment. I actually did some research and found that Barnyard Raceway was a 1/5 mile clay oval located next door to Glocester Memorial Park near Chepachet, Rhode Island. Amazing that I picked your former dwelling place.

  4. Too funny, I guess I was wrong about Chepachet having no raceway. Who would have known?

    Chepachet is po-dunk, but if you go up the road a few miles you run into Pascoag. Pascoag is the ultimate in po-dunk.

  5. Hey! Pascoag is my home town!

    ...just kidding.


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