Friday, December 31, 2010

How Well Do You Know Christian History?

How well do you know Christian history...
and how well do you know Calvinistic Cartoons?

Who am I talking about?
Here are the CLUES:

My name is John
I have a brother named Charles
I am a principal figure in Christianity
Some consider my theology controversial
I am a preacher and a writer
My works are still published today
My last name has 6 letters

Only one guess per person...

This is NOT a "first person correct is the winner" contest
it is a "how well do you know your history" contest
so PLEASE everybody offer a guess. 

Classics #10

Corky in Indian Territory

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Favorite Blog(s)

Please list one or two of your favorite blogs.
Not your own and not one listed in my Blog list.
I am looking for those really good blogs I know nothing about!

Classics #7

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Name That CD

Here is the cover of the mystery CD without the title or the singer's name.
Beneath that, are the lyrics to a song from that album.
Who is the artist and what is the name of the CD?
The answer may surprise you.

Down a dangerous road, I have come to where I'm standing
With a heavy heart, and my hat clutched in my hand
Such a foolish fool, God ain't known no greater sinner
I have come in search of Jesus, hoping he will understand

I had a woman once, she was kind and she was gentle
Had a child by me, who grew up to be a man
I had a steady job, til I started into drinking
And I started making music that went with the devil's band

Oh the years flew by like a mighty rush of eagles
My dreams and plans were all scattered in the wind
It's a lonesome life, when you lose the ones you live for
If I make my peace with Jesus will they take me back again

If I give my soul, will he cleanse these clothes I'm wearin'
If I give my soul, will he put new boots on my feet
If I bow my head and beg God for his forgiveness
Will he breathe new breath inside me and give back my dignity

If I give my soul, will he stop my hands from shaking
If I give my soul, will my son love me again
If I give my soul, and she knows I really mean it
If I give my soul to Jesus will she take me back again

If I give my soul to Jesus will she take me back again

Christmas Gift Idea

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Spurgeon makes READER'S DIGEST

This is old news, but new to me. I haven't seen this posted anywhere but, then again, I usually don't know what's going on half the time anyway. The June issue (2009) of Reader's Digest on pages 158 and 159 feature an informative article where you will find Spurgeon mentioned! The cover to that issue is shown above. It's worth reading if you have a moment.Click on "find Spurgeon" and you will be taken there.

Just for Laughs #136

Be kind to your fellow man
and provide a nice theological caption.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just for Laughs #134

Permission to grant a caption
for this formal situation.
Make with da funnies.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Write for Christmas

Here is a little ditty I wrote in December of 2008.
I hope this inspires you to write one yourself.
Make it your wish list or just a funny list.
Just stay on key...please...and if 
your voice warbles...
don't sing.

12 Days of Christmas (revised)


Who is the Seeker?

A Message from Guy Caballero

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Longfellow Poem Discovered

Here is a poem recently discovered in an old book at 

the Library of Congress by Nakoma Linkletter.


The Song of Finneyhaha

by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

   On the shores of Gitche Gumee, 
by the crazy tent revival, 
Stood Charlie, the old preacher, 
Pointing with his finger westward, 
O'er the people pointing westward, 
To the purple clouds of sunset.
    Fiercely the red sun descending 
Burned his way along the heavens, 
Set the sky on fire behind him, 
As he posed with eyes a gleaming, 
   "I can create my own revivals, 
With repentance if I choose to, 
It's all about mathematics, 
Heaven blessed and automatic". 
So said Charlie while the sun set, 
With its glare upon his features.

Tragedy Strikes

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blog Question

Here is a question I have never seen addressed. If you have, then please share some wisdom. 
One of the problems with blogs is that you have no idea how the blogger is doing. Surf some blogs out there and you will find many have just stopped. Bloggers have trouble with their computers, marriage, sickness, family, finances, depression etc. Sometimes they die. You don't know what happened unless you are friends with the family. 
For instance, if I were to drop dead today, my blog would continue until February 11, 2011 with two more posts on February 15 and one on March 7 (Loraine Boettner's birthday). Then there would be no more - announcement of my word of my death. That's because my wife, friends or family would not post anything - they wouldn't even think about it.
So my question is - how long do you think a blog should remain on your list if no activity is evident?
I kept one blog listed for a full year. (I actually was beginning to think they might have died) I was about to delete it from my list and they returned with a promise to blog on a daily basis.
I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Maintaining a blog on a consistent basis is hard work. I have a dear friend who started a blog and posted one entry. That was it. 
How long would you hold on to a friend's blog before deleting it?
Would YOU be offended if after a period of inactivity someone dropped you from their list and added someone who blogs weekly?
There are blogs out there that never list any other blogs whatsoever - they have it easy. (although, I often wonder why they won't do so. Sharing the spotlight and helping other blogs is part of the fun)
Any comments? I certainly hope so.


Odd Man Out

Monday, December 6, 2010

Comic Book Page discovered by Elzie Crisler

Thanks Elzie for sending, not a photo, but the page itself to our offices in Salmiya, Kuwait. We, in return, want to express our appreciation for your keen eye and spirit by sending you a check for one million dollars. The benefactor's name is John Beresford Tipton, Jr. His face was obscured by one of his high-backed leather chairs, so I didn't get to see his face. His executive secretary, a mild-mannered, good-humored, but no-nonsense man named Michael Anthony, handed me the check made out to you. Use the money wisely and thanks again!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Behind the Scenes at Calvinistic Cartoons

This is a photo taken last week. It shows how important it is for us at Calvinistic Cartoons to test our humor before releasing it to the public. We continually try to produce only the finest cartoons possible. This is expensive, to say the least, but we feel that you deserve the very best.  

Blog Spotlight

Need some convicting encouragement?
Need a little spiritual muscle in your daily walk?
Then check this blog out! It has plenty of vitamins!

Arminian Antics #33

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Blog and New List

Our latest member (number 245) is Aaron Braunschweig. He just started a blog called "Brauny's Blog". You can check it out HERE. So far, he has one member - me. Why not visit his site and post a comment to encourage him. He stated in his reply to my comment, "Your cartoon blog has been both humorous and edifying, and was influential in steering me towards reformed theology." That humbled me greatly. I post this so that you might be encouraged to know that God blesses His Truth and changes lives wherever He chooses.

So why not list your blog below.
We need a fresh list.
My only requirements are that:
(1) you have a Protestant Christian evangelical blog and
(2) you are a follower of Calvinistic Cartoons (which you can join BEFORE you list your own)
This is my Christmas present to everyone.
If you want to encourage another Christian this season, then join a few new blogs and comment on some of their posts. It really does bring a smile when that happens.

Bunco Squad

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