Wednesday, October 7, 2009

E Slops Fables #1

New feature! Instead of a caption...
create a story based on the photo or art.


  1. One fine day while Marty Mac the fly was buzzing around listening to his compound ipod, he came upon a praying mantis.
    "Hey mantis! Whazzup and why are you praying?"
    "I am praying for my breakfast to arrive," said the smiling mantis.
    "Before you eat anything, may I bring my friend here? He would love to see such a devout insect, such as yourself, enjoying a hearty breakfast!"
    "That would be lovely, it would certainly start my day off with a bang."
    "Stay right here and I'll return with my little friend." The fly yelled as he flew off into the misty morning.
    Five minutes later, the mantis heard a click and turned to see the barrel of a cannon pointed directly at his triangular head.
    "Meet my little friend!" the fly said calmly just before the bang.

    Moral: Be careful what you pray for...and, oh yeah, choose your friends wisely.

  2. Wed.10/7 No light bulb above my head.

    Thur.10/8 Bit of a glimmer.......working on it.

  3. The Arminian Mantis found itself trapped at end of a Dutch Elm twig with no place to jump to, having encountered some Calvinist bugs, armed with the Canons of Dort.

  4. Good one...with a read-between-the-lines moral every Arminian mantis should heed.


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