Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Rare Find

This was found in a garage sale in Topeka, Kansas


  1. For years I've wondered what ever happened to that. It was a self-produced promo album, you know, extremely rare. It was sent to radio stations throughout the Midwest. I never heard back from any of them.


  2. But, how did you know you were going to be blogging back in 1968?

  3. Sheer coincidence in word usage. The word "blogger" had a completely different meaning back in 1968 (as I am sure you remember), which would be too embarrasing to mention now.

    (Do you buy that explanation?)

  4. I can't afford to buy any explanation right now. I am still awaiting my first payment for the free-lance job I completed.

  5. I am sure you saw one of my cousins at that garage sale. My father's family lives in Topeka. They all speak with a midwest twang, can't miss them.

  6. So, does this mean that Craig Boyd's sings more strange in a strange land than he does in his own land?

    Or does it mean that Craig Boyd sings more strange in a strange land when Fats Domino played piano?

    I'm confused.

    I am still awaiting my first payment for the free-lance job I completed

    Well, there's a reason they call it "free-lance" and not "paid-lance."

  7. I'm confused as well...I think it may mean that CB sounds a lot like Robert Heinlein.

  8. Come to think about it, I do seem to remember when I was in school, that there was a "Future Farmers of America" AND a "Future Bloggers of America" you could join. The word "blogger" meant someone who goes behind someone plowing the ground to bust up clods of dirt with his own bare feet. (like in the old song, "Old Rivers" by Walter Brennan)


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