Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Real Records You May Have Missed #12

...again with the math and the counting and the numbers and the laady...


  1. You can tell, just by looking, that the last guy in line is a little upset that they left him out of the numbering. He feels that he doesn't count even though he is the only one who can. He later formed a duo called "The Steve and Curtis Chapman Five".

  2. The last guy in line is also, according to the album cover, the only one who sings.

  3. I think the hydrocarbon fumes from the polyester impaired their ability to count.

  4. Most folks may have missed this "real record," but will surely recognize some of their songs from the movies.

    For instance, I Won't Surf Without Jesus was the only vocal number on the soundtrack of "Five Summer Stories + 13."

    And who can forget their country hit, I Won't Wail Without Jesus which was the theme song for "Moby Dick: The Musical"?

  5. How come, "I won't walk without Jezuuus" sounds like a Benny Hinn tune?

    The Quartet's soprano hair looks like An apiary?


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