Monday, December 12, 2016

Very Important Article

Pardon my Ignorance...

At the present, I am filtering comments because of a certain person who targeted me for being a Presuppositionalist in my apologetics. This James Lawson, who will remain nameless from this time forward, was becoming rather annoying with his self-righteous rants. Anyway, because of my filtering, many comments went to my Spam file...and I hardly ever check my Spam file. When I did, I tried to publish the comments by checking "not spam". That was a mistake. I deleted many at one fell swoop! I apologize for that. I hope I didn't discourage anyone. Keep commenting and I will be a little more vigilant in the future. Thank you.

Textus Refreshus

Monday, November 28, 2016

Round and Sound

The Christian circle is not a small circle of two propositions. It is very large and filled with historical, archeological, prophetic truths that consistently verifies the truth of the Word of God.
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