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"Major" Hymn

Whittle was named after American politician Daniel Webster. Whittle reached the rank of major in the American civil war, and for the rest of his life was known as Major Whittle. During the war, Whittle lost his right arm, and ended up in a prisoner of war camp. Recovering from his wounds in the hospital, he looked for something to read, and found a New Testament. Though its words resonated with him, he was still not ready to accept Christ. Shortly after, a hospital orderly woke him and said a dying prisoner wanted someone to pray with him. Whittle demurred, but the orderly said, But I thought you were a Christian; I have seen you reading your Bible. Whittle then agreed to go. He recorded what took place at the dying youth’s bed side:

I dropped on my knees and held the boy’s hand in mine. In a few broken words I confessed my sins and asked Christ to forgive me. I believed right there that He did forgive me. I then prayed earnestly for the boy. He became quiet and pressed my hand as I prayed and pleaded God’s promises. When I arose from my knees, he was dead. A look of peace had come over his troubled face, and I cannot but believe that God who used him to bring me to the Savior, used me to lead him to trust Christ’s precious blood and find pardon. I hope to meet him in heaven.

After the war, Whittle became treasurer of the Elgin Watch Company in Chicago, Illinois. In less than 10 years, though, he entered the evangelism field. During this period, he worked with musicians Phillip Bliss and James McGranahan. His daughterMay Moody also wrote music for some of his lyrics.

Of his decision to devote his life to the Gospel, Whittle said that, while at work, he…went into the vault and in the dead silence of the quietest of places I gave my life to my Heavenly Father to use as He would.

(Notice how Calvinistic the lyrics are to his most famous hymn:)


1. I know not why God's wondrous grace 
 to me he hath made known, 
 nor why, unworthy, Christ in love 
 redeemed me for his own.
 But I know whom I have believed, 
 and am persuaded that he is able 
 to keep that which I've committed
 unto him against that day. 

2. I know not how this saving faith 
 to me he did impart, 
 nor how believing in his word 
 wrought peace within my heart. 

3. I know not how the Spirit moves,
 convincing us of sin, 
 revealing Jesus through the word, 
 creating faith in him.

4. I know not when my Lord may come, 
 at night or noonday fair, 
 nor if I walk the vale with him, 
 or meet him in the air. 

I Know Whom I Have Believed

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Just for Laughs #342

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Corky Jokes #1

This is a new series of jokes submitted by Calvinistic Cartoon fans all over the world. The photo above was submitted by Pablo Bandito of the Solomon Islands.

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Hey! Hey! We're the Arminians!

The above Monkees Theme is the inspiration
for the new Arminian Theme song
written by that famous Arminian composer, Elvis Wesley:

Here we come
Walking down the street
We get the funniest looks from
The Calvin-ists we meet.

Hey, hey we're Arminians,
'Cause we say the sinner's just sick.
And we're too busy giving,
Those tracts made by Jack Chick.

We're just trying to be friendly,
Look at our ear-to-ear smile.
It's a Finney gener-ation,
We'll help you walk that aisle.

Hey, hey you're just wounded,
Not dead like the Calvinists say.
Decide to be-lieve and you're ready,
God will always meet you half-way.

Atheist Devotional Book #9

   Not long ago my newest husband asked me to pick up a belated birthday card for his sister. Scanning the rack, I ran across a card with a chimpanzee on the front holding an iPhone in his hand.
   This is what it said: "I better not hear...about how upset you are that I missed your birthday. I mean, how do you know I wasn't in a serious car accident and lying in some ditch out in the middle of nowhere?...Well, I may have forgotten your birthday, but I didn't exactly get any phone calls to see if I was okay! All I know is you better have a good excuse why I didn't hear from you on your birthday!"
   This was the perfect card. It teaches the great technique of "shifting the blame". A standard mode of operation for all you wise atheists. Christians are like undersea sponges when it comes to the blame game. When they open their mouths, feed 'em blame and shame. It works for me every time.
   Good luck and keep looking down (on Christians).

Investigation Continues

Pictured on the right is Sola Bootstrapa's in-house N.C.I.S. (No Calvinists in Society) agent, Will Powers, who is starting his own investigation into the alleged suicide of beloved Nigel Pettibone. Henrietta Pettibone, Nigel's new bride, was last seen boarding a plane to Kosovo.

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Man Sees Arminian Crime Committed

Eric Santini, the semi-famous Niagara Falls tightrope walker, told police he thinks he spotted an elderly Arminian woman push an elderly Arminian man over the falls a few days ago while crossing the Falls. (see above) "I'm not positive about it, because at that moment a fine spray of misty water hit me square in the face. The news reports said suicide, but I'm inclined to think otherwise."
Reporters tried to follow Mr. Santini, but he jumped back on the tightrope and took off across the Falls. A few brave newspaper reporters and one tour guide tired to follow. They only made it half way before falling to their deaths.
Mr. Santini has witnessed over twenty-three crimes as a tightrope walker, including a man who followed him across the rope to rob him of his pocket watch.
Police now know that the couple wasn't Arminian and that they were not the couple known as Mr. and Mrs. Nigel Pettibone.

Mister Magoo in Slumberland

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Photo from CIA Agent Barry Cade

Our in-house C.I.A. (Calvinists in Action) agent, Barry Cade, sent this photo in just minutes ago. Police were on the scene within an hour questioning Nigel's new wife, Henrietta Pettibone, (formerly Henrietta Borax) as to the alleged suicide of her husband. She told the police that he was suffering from dementia and had been acting strange during the trip. After the interrogation, she was seen at a local IHOP chowing down on a Belgian Waffle Combo.

Bookmarks #1

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After Selma

Black preacher: Why I forgave George Wallace
By Wayne Drash, CNN
Tuscaloosa, Alabama (CNN) - I had always heard the stories of Alabama Gov. George Wallace asking for forgiveness from the African-American community for his racist ways.
Yet I had never quite believed it, even if I had read accounts about it. The images of him standing at the door at the University of Alabama to prevent two black students from entering had been seared into my mind.
And so it was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon the Rev. Kelvin Croom amid the destruction left by Tuscaloosa’s recent tornado. The Croom family has been a pillar of the African-American community here for the last five decades.
Croom's father, the late Rev. Sylvester Croom Sr., founded College Hill Baptist Church and served as chaplain for the University of Alabama’s football teams under the legendary Paul "Bear" Bryant and two other coaches. The elder Croom has been recognized as one of the state's 40 pioneers of civil rights.
College Hill Baptist, where the younger Croom now preaches, sustained heavy damage. While volunteers rummaged through the debris, he talked to me and my CNN colleague Sarah Hoye outside his church. He told us this story:
The year was 1978. He was a senior at the University of Alabama. His father approached him and said Wallace, then in his third term as governor, wanted to meet with them and other black leaders at the Stafford Hotel.

The Rev. Kelvin Croom was with his father when Wallace asked for forgiveness.
The young Croom paused. "It caused me to really think." He thought about the hate he'd seen on TV spewing from the governor's mouth. "I say segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever," the governor notoriously said as he was sworn into office in 1963.
Kelvin Croom decided to go with his father. "And I'm glad I did," he said. The rumors in the black community, Croom says, had been that Wallace was on a forgiveness tour to get the black vote.
But Croom says he saw it differently in person.
"He said he was wrong," Croom says. "He asked for forgiveness. It was up to us to do that once he asked. It's just so amazing. He played the great politics of the day - and by using hate and racial divide he won."
Yet when they met privately that day at the hotel, Croom says, "This man was really concerned for his soul and his relationship with Jesus Christ."
Croom says the biblical story of Saul the persecutor becoming Paul the Apostle flashed through his mind.
"I remember a man called Saul whose name was turned to Paul," Croom says. "The story of Saul is amazing. And I saw it with my own eyes in George Wallace. So I had to forgive Gov. Wallace as well as so many of the things he stood for."
He says he keeps a photograph in his office of Wallace in the governor's mansion; Croom's mother stands on one side, his father on the other.
"It just reminds me of where we come from," he says.
 - CNN Belief Blog

First Book Winners of the Year!

Yes, friends, it is so easy to win. Nothing to buy. Nothing to promote. You don't have to join my blog. You don't have to comment! You don't have to do anything! You don't even have to register to win! Just sit there and wait! 

This month's winners are:

Malibu Grundy of Weybridge, Surrey.
He wins the one thousand dollar Kindle Christian Book gift card!

The complete works of Charles Spurgeon and John Owen goes to
Sha Sha Molinski of Pasig, Pampanga!

The CC Reference Library

   A lot of you have asked me, over the years, where I get my research papers and photos. Well, here is a picture of me in the Calvinistic Cartoons reference library at our HQ in Q8. If you are ever in Salmiya, Kuwait, you can stop in and have a cup of coffee and spend some time browsing.
   If you are like me, every time I see bookshelves filled with books, whether in a photo or in a movie, I try to see if I can recognize any volumes. Enlarge the photo and start looking if you must!

Random Word Writing Challenge #68

Be creative! Write something below using the 4 words above.

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Fan Photo by MBI Student Waldo Cordlin

Many thanks to Waldo Cordin's son, Ted, for sending in this old photo of Chicago. This was taken by his father, a student at Moody Bible Institute, just a few blocks away. Pictured above is Eddie and Corky making their way to MBI to discuss doctrine with a few of the students. Enlarge the photo for better viewing.

John Wayne Comic Book

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The Rob Bell Show #7

This is me walking out in disgust when Rob Bell declares Oprah the queen of his theology.
He also claimed that deodorants were the work of the Devil.
He intends on covering that subject in his next book, Smell Winds.

Atheists Have the Blahs

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