Thursday, October 15, 2009

E Slops Fables #3


  1. Sometimes on the road of life, things can get a little twisted. When Delmont Rickets left his home on Monday morning, he never expected to be tied up in an Arminian traffic jam. His own Bible readings and the sermons he was hearing from the Free Will Church of the Free Wills United We Stand weren't exactly blending. There were too many knotty problems and he was speeding past them every sermon.
    Today he would slow down when he came to his theological clover leaf freeway. He noticed a exit he had never seen before and took a right turn.
    It was a scenic route with tulips on every side. It was one sweet road.

  2. A modern retelling of a familiar story:

    There once was a thriving metropolis called Manspride. The citizens were the smartest, most efficient, savviest people in the land. Everything they did was the best and perfect in their own eyes. One day, they decided to build the ultimate highway system for the city. It would be of the finest construction and the most efficient means of getting from one place to another. No more traffic jams for Manspride!

    God looked down from heaven and saw their plan. To humble them, He struck them with lack of communication. Each person on the project was so self assured that he/she never felt the need to communicate with anyone else as to what they were doing. This afflicted everyone from the bridge designer down to the road paver.

    After exceeding the budget 20 times, the highway opened. The hospitals overflowed with accident victims due to the lack of guard rails, signs, traffic lanes, and general defiance of gravity.

    The moral: If you get too big for your britches, you'll wind up in the ditches.

  3. John Bunyan couldn't have said it better!


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