Monday, September 30, 2013

Fan Photo from Fenwick Fielding

Wow! What a find! Fenwick Fielding the First, who purchased this from an old Arminian pastor living in Black Gnat, Kentucky, was gracious enough to send us this picture. This old photograph shows Charles Finney and his three deacons, Bingo, Waawee, and KooKoo, as they prepare for their tent revival in upper New York. Mr. Fielding plans on selling this rare photo to Benny Finney, a distant relative of Charles Finney, in the near future. If not, then says Fenwick, "'ll be goin' to Mr. eBay or Mr. Craig's List!" 

The Librarian and Pink Books

Click on the picture for easier reading and less stress.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Tesla Two Times

 This cover was sent to us by fan photographer, Cha Cha Hargreeves, who found this July 20, 1931 issue inside an old trunk he bought at a silent auction. This shows Tesla at age 75 with a certain friend in the background.
This cover was found online by Earl Grey of Mimosa Peak, Idaho. Notice Edison is wearing a bow tie that looks exactly like the one worn by Benny Finney. 

Tulip and Grenade Classic #5

Monday, September 23, 2013

Tulip and Grenade Classic #1

Before Corky Velveeta...there was Tulip and Grenade. This first episode was posted in February of 2009 - most of my present readers weren't even born yet. Corky, in fact, made his costume based on this comic strip. For the rest of the week, I will be re-posting the first five episodes for all the newest members and for those who never darken the archive doors. Hope you enjoy these as much as I have. "Blow them all up" by opening them in a new window and using the digital magnifying glass provided by computers everywhere.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Purl of Great Price

Check out what Persis has created! I wouldn't mind getting hit in the head with this! Check out her blog, Tried With Fire to see what else she is blogging. You just might get "hooked" and find yourself "enmeshed" and "entwined" with her many talents.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tell Us About Your Blog

Sometimes blogging can be a little discouraging. Followers are few, or they have dwindled. Comments are less frequent. You start to wonder if you might be wasting your time and energy. You begin to think that you should go back to butterfly collecting or learn to play the ukulele. Maybe your blog is growing in readership or you have just started blogging three days ago.

Whatever the situation, you should list your blog in the comment section below! Tell us about your blog and create a link so we can visit. New blog or old, we want to be informed of what's out there. Who knows? You just might pick up a few loyal readers along the way.

Arminian Antics #110

Friday, September 20, 2013

Spy Fan Locates Benny Finney Church

 A retired secret service agent, code named, Alpha Mail, who has been a secret follower of Calvinistic Cartoon from year one, has discovered the whereabouts of Benny Finney's new church. It is located right outside Rottenegg, Austria.
The photo below was taken just minutes ago and shows Benny Finney about to give Elvis Wesley a bundle of cash. If you look this up on Google Earth you will probably see the churchmobile parked at a reserved parking space by the front doors.
Alpha Mail is known at CC as one of the many known as "Anonymous". Thanks, A.M. for sending the info. 

Just for Laughs #273

Write down your captions

Thursday, September 19, 2013

FREE BIBLE for Kindle patrons!

This updated text edition of the HCSB is optimized for easy reading on digital devices. Free from the visual clutter of footnotes, cross references, and other links, this edition is fast to navigate and easy to use...and it's a red-letter edition, people.

Steampunked #10

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Modest Proposal

There is a certain book on apologetics that I am drooling over at the present. Having funds below sea level, I have a proposition that I hope will sound fair to whomever is interested. Here it is:

You send me a ten dollar Amazon Kindle gift card and I will create for you the following:

Three steampunked photomanipulations of photos you email me. This could be you and two family members or three friends. Only exception to the rule is if you send me a family portrait and you have four or five in your family and want everyone included. If there is room in the photo(s) you send and you would like Corky Velveeta to appear, then just let me know. If you allow me I will include the photo(s) in my blog under "Friends of Calvinistic Cartoons".

-----Step 1   Send the gift card via email by going to Amazon and creating a gift for Eddie Eddings. My gmail address is:

-----Step 2   Send me your photo(s). I will photoshop them like the Steampunked series. So include the names you want (Steampunk Sally, Steampunk Bob, Steampunk Larry, etc.) and within two or three days you will have them back completely steampunked. These will make great screen savers, wallpaper or novelty gifts. 

If this becomes an embarrassment, I will have to travel back in time and delete this post before it ever happened.
Don't hate on me people, I can't just drive to a Christian Bookstore in Kuwait. All my books have to come digitally.

Here is an example of a parent who took advantage of the offer.
The kids were thrilled and are now scientists.

Believe it or Not...Someone Wrote a Book About it

Arminian Antics #109

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Guess Who #32

Here are clues to use (otherwise, it would be nearly impossible to guess his identity):

His first two movies were Pilgrim's Progress and it's sequel.

He was considered for the role of Van Helsing, Dracula and James Bond.

He was in a movie that was listed (in the top 10) by the American Film Institute as one of the 100 most inspiring movies of all time.

C.S. Lewis, Sam Raimi, Victor Hugo and Islam.

Look Who's on the Yugoslavian Dinara

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Steampunked #1

Big enough to frame if you open in new window. This is the first of 10 steampunked preachers of old. Prescheduled are Calvin, Luther, Pink, Matthew Henry, Jonathan Edwards, William Carey, John Knox, George Whitefield and John Bunyan. The last one will appear September 19th. Collect them all!
I am open for suggestions for the month of October, November or December.

P.S. - Someone saw me working on the Steampunk Pink (appearing September 10) and asked if I was making fun of him. IN NO WAY! I greatly admire and adore all these men! Steampunk is an art form that has recently intrigued me. It artistically promulgates someone who is a visionary yet embraces history. A person who is ahead of his time, in thought and action. So with all civility and respect, I present these steampunked exhibits of some of history's finest men.   

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Corky's Phone

This is the phone I had Nikola Tesla build for Corky. It works in whatever time zone we are in...and by time zone, I mean past, present or future.

Corky Ad Contest Entry #29

Lest ye forget. The Corky ad contest is still on! This ad, which features a young Corky Velveeta without his costume, was sent to us by Ajax Kominski of Katatooga, Mississippi. Remember, seven million dollars goes to the winner of this contest. The winner will be announced on November 6 - the day after election day, 2013.

Random Word Writing Challenge #47

Use the above words to create something special.
It's good mental exercise.

An Obscure Star on the Walk of Fame

Monday, September 2, 2013

Sola Bootstrapa

Benny Finney, Elvis Wesley and Nigel Pettibone are back! This "new" blog starts Friday. Although Finney lied, cheated, faked Wesley's death, stole money from his followers and continues to deceive, he apparently hasn't given up "the ministry". It has been reported that he has shed several tears and repented on national TV. We will have to wait until Friday to get the full story. I will post his blog under his old title "Arminian Antics" because, even though his blog banner has changed, he has not. 
Thanks Wikileaks!
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