Friday, October 16, 2009

Real Records You May Have Missed #15

Yes, they are ever exciting.
Anyone have any idea what songs are on this album?


  1. Found one song on the internet from this trio. It is entitled, "Eating Perch Before I Go To Church".

  2. Another song from this album, featuring the ever exciting accordian of Horace Spotweaver is, "My Toast is Burned But I Won't Be."

  3. After much research, I found two more of their ever exciting songs -

    "Nursery Nappy Blues"

    "The Collection Plate Polka"

  4. The "Esquires" have quite an interesting history. They were originally billed as the Ever Exciting "Esquire Octet". The producer, Marv Marlin - recording entreprenuer and neo-mathematician, was determined to cast off the stifling confines of the Arabic counting system. Marv was determined that "Counting should be not be held to an absolute standard. We should be free and open to interpret counting by what it means to the heart of the counter."

    Eluthier "Esquire", the group's manager, grandmother, and former 1st grade teacher, said she wasn't going "to have her kids be part of some tom-fool scheme. It'll be bad enough to have their mediocre album featured on some blog 30 years in the future. But, I won't have them laughed at for their lack of math skills. They may not be able to hit the high notes, but by golly they can count!"

  5. Thanks for the research. I found out yesterday that Mama Blaine broke off and formed her own group called, "The Prayer Cloths", where she would end every show by falling off the stage.

  6. Noting that "Esquires" was in quotes I quickly deduced that it was really a code word for something else. I think this group was a CIA cover for 3 of the best interrogators they'd ever known. I think it George H W Bush who discovered what their music would do to enemy spies.


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