Monday, October 12, 2009

Conference Buttons #1

Oh, how they attack our Calvinist heritage. Ironically, the first Southern Baptists were  Calvinists and the first Baptist Church in America was started by Roger Williams - a devout Calvinist. Funny thing is, Spurgeon always comes out without a scratch. (One pastor once said that Spurgeon would approve of the editing out of Calvinism in his sermons because now that Spurgeon is in Heaven, he knows better.) To be honest (and if they were honest about it) Spurgeon would NEVER attend a conference that "downgraded" the gospel.


  1. Y'see Lex Luthor is Superman's arch the conference leaders got the name mixed up with Martin Luther...get it? haha (wiping tear from eye with knuckle) where do I come up with these ideas? hahaha (wiping tear from other eye with same knuckle)

  2. Was that pastor associated with Sword of the Lord Ministries, they actually DO edit the Calvinism out of Spurgeon's sermons....


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