Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Against Calvinism (A Parody for Our Generation) on Kindle

Good news for all who have the latest techo-gadgets!
Amazon has made Against Calvinism available for Kindle users!
Click HERE for mo info!

...and for you who can't afford the Kindle,
the Candle edition is still available.

Buy da book!

Fan Photo from John Philson

A few years ago, I was invited to attend a surprise birthday party for John MacArthur. (His birthday is the same as C.H. Spurgeon, y'know) It was a thrill to be among the thousands and hear an expository message on the entire book of Romans. John Philson took this snapshot of the east side of the crowd. If you want better detail, then click on the photo. Thanks for the wide lens shot of half the room! I'll be sending you either a check for $7,000 or a copy of Against Calvinism by the Three Amigos.

Ignore Him

Monday, November 22, 2010

Fan Photo from Hacksaw Manning

Thanks, Hacksaw, for sending us this photo of an ad you found in I'm an Indian Arminian Magazine!  You need some kind of reward for finding such a discovery so, we are sending you to the northern regions of Alaska to help with a little project! The flight, room and food are all free! Your plane leaves in one hour, so hurry!

The Agitated Arminian

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fan Photo from Lubin Fleabody

Thanks to the keen eyes of Mr. Lubin Fleabody, we now know that in the director's cut of the film, Gladiator, starring Russel Crow, the shield originally used bore Corky Velveeta's image. Calvinistic Cartoons will be sending you a check for $7,000 for your find.

Heaven's Business

Friday, November 19, 2010

Ya Gotta Have Hart

Here is a classic B.C. comic than ran on Easter Sunday.

Fan Photo from Bosco Tinglemeyer

 Thanks to the sharp eyes of Bosco Tinglemeyer,  we have yet another photo of Corky Velveeta. 
"I was going through my collection of Life magazines last night and discovered this cover with Corky!" 
Bosco then explained how he never knew it was Mr. Velveeta until he started reading Calvinistic Cartoons. 
"I just learned to read five weeks ago and I am reading like a monkey in can of tuna," Mr. Tinglemeyer said as he spit tobacco on his own shoe.
"I shore could use some money for my troubles!" 
Well, Bosco, how does $7,000 sound for your troubles? Sounds pretty good, huh? Well, although it sounds good, we don't have the cash on hand right now, so we are giving you a new Bubble Spray Plastic Above Ground Swimming Pool! This pool holds more than 74 gallons of water! You can relax and enjoy the summer when it gets here!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Porn Again or Born Again?

I did this T-Shirt design for Nina Bates a few years back. She is a close friend of the actor, Jamie Foxx, (she witnesses to him every chance she gets - they used to sing in the choir together) and she has a ministry in Texas, trying to help Christians with this problem. She was kind enough to allow me to post this and let everyone know that you can use this message anytime. You don't have to mention Calvinist Cartoons or my name either. Just use it as you see fit. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Help Me and Help Others

I lost all my bookmarks for FREE Christian books. I (as well as everyone else) could benefit from links like THIS ONE. Would you please post a link or two concerning entire books that are available on line?
I want to thank you in advance for helping this old man who was hit by a techno tornado. A digital library is not a bad thing to have at your fingertips. We can ALL benefit from this if we are willing and able.

On the Level

My computer crashed on October 27th. I lost everything. Well, almost everything. I had made a backup disk in August with some of my ideas and posts. But, I no longer have the large volume of resources. If you have ever had this experience, you know how it feels. It's like a Texas tornado ripped through my trailer park blog
and destroyed my home. 
I couldn't make this announcement until the "Hiatus" post appeared because it would have spoilled the joke. You see, I have everything pre-scheduled until January 1, 2011, with an additional post on January 8. I like to work far in advance, because ideas don't always come to me on a daily basis...and in emergencies, like this one.
My son-in-law has been the biggest help to me. He reformatted my computer twice to no avail. He literally spent days trying to at least get my computer on crutches so I could work. (My computer died while I was doing a free-lance job for my brother-in-law in Houston) My son-in-law has now loaned me a computer from his office. It's an old, large tower that won't even fit in my computer desk. It has some concerns...it has just cut off and rebooted three or four times, in the last three days. I don't have internet connected yet. I hope to get that fixed today. 

Here is what I would like you to pray about, if you would be so kind:
Pray that I get a permanent job soon. (I should be getting my work visa shortly, under my son-in-law's company) I have been doing free-lance -- but that is few and too far between. Getting a permanent job would allow me to buy a computer (they are like twice the price here) with my first paycheck.
I am not able right now, to check CC daily - but, please continue to comment. I will comment when I can and will let everyone know when I land a job and/or get a new, reliable computer.
Thanks for your prayers in this matter. 
Glory to His Name! 

Eye Opening Grace

Post It Note Announcement

Friday, November 5, 2010

This is Real - No Joke

Hello, friends. And I mean that. In the years since I started this blog, I've made real friends around the world. The time has come for a hiatus. Possibly permanent. It takes an incredible amount of time to digitally restore these backgrounds. I've loved every minute! But, my life is in a state of evolving and transition, and I need to focus on that. I'm going to leave the blog online for your reference. And mine too!
Thanks for your support and encouragement over the years. Over TWO MILLION people have visited this blog. Amazing....For the moment... that's all, folks.
Thanks again for your interest! Sincerely, Rob Richards
That was posted over a month ago on one of my favorite blog sites. I never thought that the blog would come to an end like it did. So many will be saddened by its departure, so to speak. At least, everything will remain, as is, hopefully, for years and years.
Most of my backgrounds for Chic & Gumbo, I found there. My Calvinistic Cartoons banner at the top of this blog was from one of the cells on his site. If you love animation and/or cartoon art, you should visit animationbackgrounds.blogspot.com.
You will see for yourself why it was one of my references for what I do here.
For any of you who have skipped down to the last paragraph to see if this refers to Calvinistic Cartoons. Well, be sure to read the in between sentences for more information.
For now, I must bid you all ado. Because I need to spend some time in study. But, before theology, there should always be "knee-ology". That makes such a difference.
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