Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just for Laughs #89

Throw out a caption for Calvinistic Cartoons!


  1. Sorry, I got nothing. The theme from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly just keeps replaying in my head.

    How about, "I warned you mister. Stop making fun of Statler & Waldorf."

  2. Whadya mean - you invited Finney? Them's fightin' words, Mister!

  3. "We don't want none of yer kind here!"

    Billy Bob Warfield suddenly realized why the folks took offense at his news from T4G. After taking the wrong fork at Doctrinal Falls, he was in Arminian Acres, not Tulip Town.

  4. A hapless cowboy learns the hard way that you do NOT poke fun at Loraine Boettner's first name.

    Hoping to avert a possible second knockdown, the cowboy also promised to reconsider his objections to Post-Millenialism.

    Bottom line: dont mess with Loraine.

  5. @Pilgrim Mommy

    "Billy Bob Warfield" That IS funny.

  6. that'll teach ya to hold to only 4 points.

    Are you still sure that God has a wonderful plan for ya

  7. " That'll teach you not to complain about our praise band playin' ZZ Top tunes instead of hymns, pilgrim."

  8. Parson Hinn had passed the collection plate one to many times...or perhaps it was his claim that the gamblers had been commanded by God to tithe 20% on their winnings, since it was all ill-gotten.


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