Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Corky and a New Friend

Corky makes new friends wherever he goes!
Here he is seen visiting the Old Sailor's Retirement Center in Jack-Tar, Florida. His new friend, he nick-named "Doc" is looking for an old one-eyed sailor who smokes a pipe and eats spinach. Seems they have a score to settle. Corky has a gift not unlike Francis of Assisi. Animals of all kinds take a liking to him when he is present. Just yesterday, he received an invitation from the Elks Club. Corky Velveeta's only natural enemy is the Great Spotted Kiwi of the Southern Alps.  


  1. Wow! Corky... looks like you may be bold enough to take on PZ Meyers:

  2. Is that the sea creature that Popeye® knocked into the "Wild Blue Yonder©?" I always wondered what became of him.

    I thought there was an understanding among sea creatures and sailors about "taking it on the chin" and letting bygones be bygones. Wait a minute! "Doc" doesn't HAVE a chin. I guess he is exempt.

    "Popeye" ® King Features Syndicate.

    "Wild Blue Yonder" © U.S Air Force & Boy Scouts of America.

    "Doc." ® Gunsmoke™ T.V. Series - CBS

  3. @ stranger:
    I laughed when you listed "Doc" from the Gunsmoke TV series...Corky actually named him after "Doc Octopus" from the Spiderman comic and movie.

  4. I read where the legal teams from Marvel Comics and the Gunsmoke program argued about the issue, only to discover, to their chagrin, that Bugs Bunny® actually had prior rights to the use of the name, "Doc." Happily (for them and us), they worked out a mutually beneficial arrangement.

    "Bugs Bunny" ® Warner Bros. - Sony


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