Saturday, April 24, 2010

Guess Who? #1

Guess the identity of the man pictured above and win the planet Jupiter's magnetic field! That's right! Ownership of a planet's entire magnetic field is legal, except for those living in Burkina Faso, formerly Upper Volta, where half the magnetic field goes to the government.
Here is a clue: This person was born on my birthday and died when I was six months old. (the answer to this clue is buried in the archives somewhere)...also, the people that will appear in these contests, may or may not be a Christian.
Or forget the clue and just guess! The first to get it right wins the prize!


  1. It's either Pinky Tuscadero from Happy Days or...

    Coddington Borax's lesser of two evil twins Bennington Purex.

    They're the only ones I know that would smoke a cigarette while reading Loraine Boettner...

    Predestination is highly volatile.

  2. Keep guessing. No one has got it right so far.

  3. Edgar Rice Borroughs.

    I remembered your birthday because it is the same as my daughter's, September 1st. The date of E.R.B.'s death matches your being 6 months old at the time. And I remember that you had a post that mentioned Borroughs.

  4. Yep It's ERB. What threw me was that he is holding a copy of Tarzan the Lion Man with the dust jacket of Boettner's Reformed Doctrine which he often did to impress and agitate his Armenian friend Orson

  5. Stranger ya got it right. I changed the Tarzan the Lion Man to Boettner's book as a red herring. The magnetic field is yours to keep. (you might want to share a little with Race Bannon - it's up to you)
    Here is a bit of ERB trivia:
    The Burroughs crater on Mars is named in his honor

  6. btw...the painting on the wall in the photo is of Tarzan.

  7. I will regard it as a "time-share." Okay with you, Race Bannon?

  8. Boy...You reduced me to Ed Young's Cheeta with this one!

  9. Stranger:
    Can I have Weeks 44-16 I really want to be responsible for the Aurora Borealis.

  10. @ Race Bannon.

    Put that on hold, my friend. I have been informed by a reliable source that as Jupiter is a gas planet, not having an iron core, it doesn't even HAVE a magnetic field. It DOES, however, possess one HUGE gas field.

  11. That is Dr. Prag Matt Ism. He is the one who decided to place all sound doctrine on the shelf along side the Baptist Hymnal in favor of felt-needs and entertainment. After all, who can pay for a mega-church campus, 4 schools, 22 pastors, and a lear jet on the offerings brought in by sound doctrinal preaching?

  12. @ stranger:
    My source said this to me over the phone:

    Jupiter has a large, complex, and intense magnetic field that is thought to arise from electrical currents in the rapidly spinning metallic hydrogen interior. The Earth has a strong magnetic field, but Jupiter's magnetic field at the tops of its clouds is 10 times stronger than that of the Earth. Further, the Jovian magnetic field has much higher complexity than that of the Earth, with some aspects of Jupiter's fields having no Earthly counterpart. The intensity and complexity relative to the magnetic field of the Earth is presumably related in some way to the more rapid rotation and larger metallic interior for Jupiter.

    Who is your source?

  13. So...I guess wks 44-16 is out of the question? And I have spent my frequent flyer points already. :-(

  14. Thanks, Eddie.

    My source was my son, a bio-chemestry PhD candidate (and a big fan of Calvinistic Cartoons). He saw your comment here before I did, and guesses he hasn't "kept up on his studies of astrophysics."

    @Race Bannon

    The deal is back on, again.

  15. @ Eddie Eddings and Race Bannon.

    True to his word, my scientist son refreshed his knowledge of astrophysics, and found out something interesting about Jupiter's magnetic field. There is a hole in the field between the planet and Io, one of it's moons. Nifty, no?

    Race Bannon,
    I was wondering how one calculates the Jovian weeks, since parts of Jupiter rotate at a different rate than other parts. You know, sort of like on Dancing with the Stars?

  16. I love this game :)


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