Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reveal Your Blog!

Once again it's time to tell us about your blog!
If you ARE a follower
of Calvinistic Cartoons...
then list your blog for everyone to see.
Give everyone a little info and even a link.
If you are NOT a follower
of Calvinistic Cartoons...
then just join now and then list your blog!
It's that simple! Everyone wins!
If you just want to share a blog that has blessed you,
go ahead and share a link or comment as well!


  1. Thanks again for the chance to reveal our blogs.


    I blog on a number of theological topics and issues. I blog for four specific reasons:

    To expose my readers to a variety of spiritually beneficial topics, books, articles, and thought

    To edify or build up my readers in the faith once for all time delivered to the saints

    To exalt the glorious character of our Lord Jesus Christ

    To expand a passion for the supremacy of God in all things

  2. Well, since you asked...

    The Confessional Outhouse is mostly where I hang out nowadays. It's a team blog of sycophants of Westminster Seminary California (WSCAL). As opposed to being in the Evangelical Party-House of "relevancy", we confessionalists sometimes feel like we're in the Outhouse. It's lonely out here. Come, sit with us, we've got space on the plank, and we'll gladly spare a square (or a page from the Fall 1953 Sears catalog).

    Blogorrhea is my personal blog, which is mostly neglected, except for anything to do with Hoagies & Stogies, a Reformed, men's, debate fellowship I run.

    I also operate Daily Confession and Daily Westminster. Subscribe to daily confessional readings over a year. (And finally, at either of those you can find my specially-formatted-for-memorization Structured Shorter Catechism.

    Wow, that seems like a lot when I lump it all together like that!

  3. Thank you for the opportunity to share our public platforms, Mr. Eddings!

    Mine is www.madefree.blogspot.com. I just started it about a week ago and it is where I post some poems I write, articles, thoughts and other stuff I write like book reviews and things like that.

    The purpose? To make as much available to people as I can through website links and devotional material. Also, it has my thoughts on it.

    A blog I follow though that I recommend is a good friend of mine's blog who comments often here on Calvinistic Cartoons. www.joeltheimmerser.blogspot.com

    Thank you and God richly bless you.

  4. http://upmic.wordpress.com

    Thank you!

  5. Eddie! Thank you again for allowing us to shamelessly adverstise ourselves on your site! My blog is THE VERTICALL and I mostly ramble briefly, but regularly, about theology, family, and music. All the REALLY good blogs are listed in my sidebar, however...:)

  6. THEOparadox explores paradoxes in the Bible and historic Calvinism, and informally addresses philosophy, hermeneutics, exegesis and doctrine.

    THEOparadox also provides devotional thoughts, and the occasional fiery rant about purportedly conservative Evangelicals denying innerancy, becoming universalists, embracing evolution, etc.

    Most importantly it strives to be Gospel-centered and edifying for Christians.

    After a day of straining my brain with all of those "deep" topics, I always enjoy a nice hot cup of Calvinistic Cartoons!

  7. Why, thank ye, Derek! I hope you enjoy the book I am featuring on tomorrow's post. It's kinda like a combo of two theologies in one.

  8. Yay! :-D

    My blog is...


    Please note: I don't "follow" the blog in that sense of the word, but I do literally...

    My blog's purpose is to make God known.

  9. And...

    Thanks for the opportunity! I can recommend...


    As well as...



  10. "THEOparadox explores paradoxes in the Bible and historic Calvinism, and informally addresses philosophy, hermeneutics, exegesis and doctrine."

    Derek, you really need to check out this blog of a friend of mine: Aporetic Christianity, I think you two are heading down the same alley...

  11. Thanks for the free publicity, Mr. Eddings.

    As before, By Grace Alone is at

    As the subhead says, it's just random thoughts, often on theology and ministry, sometimes on homeschooling or politics, sometimes just for fun. Not the prolific blogger that some of the rest of you are, but it's a bit cathartic for me.

    Thanks again.

  12. I, too, will take you up on your offer:


    From the "About...this Blog" page:

    This blog seeks to explore the interface of science, technology, philosophy, theology and history (data) with current events (life), also known as, “where the rubber meets the road.” Posts here will generally fall into one of three categories:

    1. essays seeking to reveal the interconnectivity in the aforementioned disciplines to current events;
    2. summaries and pointers to others making such connections;
    3. stress relief posts demonstrating this blog author’s warped sense of humor, generally with the teeth of truth lending that little extra bite.

    The theology with which I interface is reformed as described on my "About...our Theology" page.

    Thanks again. I always enjoy your blog and visit regularly, for your sense of humor agrees with mine (but don't let my description of my own sense of humor as "warped" get you down).

  13. Confessional Outhouse,

    Thanks for the recommendation. I have been an ardent follower of Paul Manata's "Aporetic Christianity" blog since its inception (I followed him over there when he left Triablogue).

    James Anderson's "Analogical Thoughts" blog is always worth reading, too.



  14. Thanks for the chance to link up! I am the Pastor of Arlington Believers Church and my blog is at ArlingtonBelievers.com.

    Come and visit!

  15. My main blog is Tried With Fire - a mix of theology, books, life, and humor.

    My other blog Invasion of the Tune Snatchers contains my odd theological song archive.

  16. My blog is perhaps the only Arminian blog to post on here. www.arminiantoday.blogspot.com. I write about doctrinal issues and daily Christian living from an Arminian perspective.

  17. Thanks, Eddie!

    My blog is Timeless Faith.

    I blog mostly about things theological, but since all of creation belongs to the Creator about which I theologize biblically, I sometimes include an array of what appear to be other topics as well.

    Lately, I haven't had the time to write on a fraction of what I want to write on, but check back - I don't plan to go anywhere anytime soon.

  18. @The Seeking Disciple:
    Thanks for having the guts to post here. You are welcome anytime. Also, I want to thank you for posting several of the "good quality Calvinistic blogs" on your site! That's a rare thing deese days!

  19. Eddie, great blog! Thanks for a chance to share my own.

    At www.redeemedrambling.blogspot.com I share the theological life of my mind.

    Redeemed Rambling is a collection of theological ramblings from a reformed Baptist perspective.

    Save us, O God of our salvation, and gather and deliver us from among the nations, that we may give thanks to your holy name, and glory in your praise!

  20. Thank you, Eddie.

    My blog, Stranger in a Strange Land primarily focuses on Gospel and evangelism issues. At times I feature my son Joseph's nature photography from beautiful Arizona. Today's post is an example.

    Of special interest to me are the documents whence the Doctrines of Grace, (T.U.L.I.P.), are derived, namely the Heidelberg Catechism, Belgic Confession, and Canons of Dordt. I like to encourage fellow Calvinists to become intimately familiar with the content of these documents, their supporting scriptures, and the history of how they came about, if they want to be able defenders of Reformed soteriology.

    Craig Boyd

    * This week I am back on line for the first time since January 17th, (except for a couple of times when I used the local library's system). Thanks to Ellery, who responded to my request for advice re. my old and failing e.machine, and to Committed Christian for her prayers. Hey, if Elisha had faith that God could cause an axe head to "swim" ... In my case though, a used, refurbished machine was the answer to prayer. *

  21. Hey, Eddie thanks for the invitation to introduce our blogs on your wonderful blog. I have four blogs given that I have a wide range of interests.

    What Had Happened Was... covers Apologetics, news, history,science, family, and current events.

    Favorite Media covers television, movies, art, comic books, and video games.

    Favorite Fiction covers MUGEN which is a free and customizable fighting video game where people from all over the world create content for it.

    Favorite Gadgets covers software, hardware, and technologies I read about and study. Everything I learn about Android, Web, and computer apps get bookmarked and linked there.

    Thanks again.

  22. Wow!

    Why did it take my newsreader two days to post this one?!

    Thanks, Eddie, for all the laughs, giggles and grins. Oh, and by the way, the occasional serious post is greatly appreciated also.

    I've followed you now for about two years and hope there will be many more to come.

    From my cluttered mind:


  23. "Thougths on Apologetics and Theology"


  24. Thanks for the opportunity!

    His Feet on the Street -


    Taking the gospel to the streets of Cherokee & Pickens counties and the north Georgia area.


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