Saturday, April 10, 2010

Album to Avoid

If anyone has a clue to what songs are on this album
please let us know. It helps with the joke.


  1. And you'll certainly want to forget these hyped high-pitched hymns:

    Oh Holyfield, Who in Tender Love

    Break Thou the Head of Life

    Ear We Depart, We Praise Thee Lord Again

    Bite the Ear, Discern the Spirit

    Leaning on the Everlast Arms in the Clinch

    Just a Closer Walk with Buster Douglas

    Don King of My Life, I Crown Thee Now

    I Come to the Madison Square Gardens Alone

  2. "Give me an ear for the Holly Fields"

    A biting song about fleshly allurements.

  3. "This little fist of mine, I'm gonna let it fly."

  4. Thweet Hour of Pwayer

    Jutht Ath I Am

    In tha Thweet By and By

    On Jordanth Thtormy Bankth I Thtand

  5. 1.Jesus Took a Whip to the Temple
    2. From the Jawbone of an Ass
    3. The Savior's Sucker Punch (He Got Me When I Wasn't Looking)
    4. Swing Low Sweet Right Hook
    5. Had My Best Life, Lost It All
    6. Ring Fighting Bells (Merry Chrithmath)
    7. Shiner, Jesus, Shiner

  6. I don't care for caustic Mike's music very much but I do admit there were a couple of cuts on his Muslim Christmas record that I liked:

    allah have a bawoo twistmas wiffout yooo

    thweet wittle thweezus boy

    these were hot just a few years ago.


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