Monday, April 5, 2010

Build Your Own


  1. Also available are:

    Jonathan Edwards (in Bold Relief)

    John Bunyan (Vanity Fair edition)

    The Surgeonator (Defender of Sola Scriptura)

  2. Sorta like...

    How to make a life-sized statue of an elephant:

    1. Start with a huge block of stone.

    2. With a hammer and chisel, chip away everything that doesn't look like an elephant.

  3. Take sovereign grace into your own hands with the "Build Your Own" bust of C.H. Spurgeon.

    With our special block of EFFICACIOUS CLAY, you can use the tools of means specifically ordained to provide a PREDESTINED image and likeness of the Prince of Preachers himself, C.H. Spurgeon. The Limited Atonement edition comes with acrylic paint and is set upon the Solid Rock. So, what do you say? Break out Faith's Checkbook and buy yourself a Build a Bust today.

    Your bust will be the John Ploughman's Talk of the town.

    [60's intro music to "Gumby"]

    He was once a little gray block of clay. SPURGEON!
    You can build a bust of Spurgeon today. SPURGEON!
    He will sit on any shelf with a sermon that you write too.
    If you’ve got a heart then Spurgeon's a part of you.

    *Build Your Own Metropolatin Tabernacle Model Church sold separately.


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