Monday, April 19, 2010

Corky's Last Day of Vacation

Corky on his last day of vacation in Jeffrey's Bay. He works hard and plays hard. His next assignment will take some time to get there since he has decided to drive. Corky has just recently won the "Best Costumed PR Dude of 2010" even though the year isn't up yet. Congrats ol' friend! Watch out for those wacky jelly fish! Don't step on the starfish! And look behind you occasionally!


  1. Yeah if he doesn't turn around he will miss that dolphin.

  2. Seven Slavic Scientists after examining the photo were convinced that this was the rare man-eating, Rough-Toothed South African Dolphin, thought to be extinct by real estate agents worldwide.

  3. Oh please don 't let be the last day of his life too-the shark is too close

  4. He is fine. I got a text message that read, "I can't text much right now I am running for the beach." An hour later he skyped me from Starbucks and said he was fine. The man-eating dolphin had already died of old age.

  5. er, eddie, there's no starbucks in jbay.
    also, could you please tell skippy not to drop in on all our waves? it's just courteous to wait your turn. i know he's an explosive kind of guy, but just a little more grace would make our surf outings so much better.


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