Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Model Church


  1. LOL! The idea that we can build a church in our own strength is laughable. After all, it is the Lord that adds to His church by His sovereign grace.

  2. Dear Eddie can I post some of your graphics on my blog. I will give you he credit and link your blog too.

    This one speaks volumes

  3. Hey kids! Keep an eye out for the Special Purpose Driven Edition, which includes simulated Hawaiian shirt.

    Charles Finney endorsed; Rick Warren approved!

    [the word verification for this comment is singlies...

    using singlies in sentence...

    The really rockin' model church worship band did not sing psalms, songs or spiritual songs founded upon the Rock, but instead, they did sing lies.]

  4. Step One: Do Barnum Bailey Study of your target area...

    Step Two: Make the target audience believe the issues discovered in said study are actually what God says also...

    Step Three: Be sure to keep everyone very busy and excited that their numbers are growing...

    Warning: Never teach any doctrine...that might upset the ladies....


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