Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just for Laughs #87

Dig deep and find a caption!


  1. Look here. This looks like Reformed Hieroglyphics...Where's Joseph Smith when you need him?

  2. Wouldn't you know it...metric rachets don't fit...wonder what it is in cubits?

  3. Unless I'm misreading these hieroglypics, this looks like an IOU for to one Yosef Ben Israel. I wonder that that's about.

  4. Famed Egyptologist, St. John Buffington-Sparks, ponders the strange meaning of the hieroglyphics, "Buried with a donkey, he's my favorite honkey."

  5. "Quickly, Igor Yousef. Hook up the diodes to the lightning-o-meter. If we time this right, we can revive him."

    "Yes, Dr. Stein. Right away, master."

    Moments later, after the brilliant flashes of lightning, the smell of burnt ozone, the deafening clap of thunder, there were slight stirrings from the casket.

    "It's alive! Igor, it's alive."

    Yes, Dr. F. N. Stein had done it once again. Dr. Finney Stein had proven that man can bring about the stirrings of life in a dead heart without the working of the Word and Spirit.

    "Master, there's a large crowd of people at the door. They have pitch forks and torches."

    "Let them be, Igor Yousef. They're Calvinists, come to marvel at my handiwork. If they persist, just show them to the anxious room and ignore them."

  6. "Look here. There is something in his pocket. Oh look its a tract from Way of Moses with the Law. He must have been reading this right before he died. Hope he repented before the Ten Commandments."


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