Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Uncle Wiggily's Hidden Agenda

I always suspected that the Uncle Wiggily Board Game I was given by my Uncle Vern had a hidden agenda...I just didn't know what a hidden agenda was.


  1. Once you embark on a certain path in life, there are some things that you just can't avoid.

    There is a lesson to be learned there; when I find out what it is, I'll let you know.

  2. Eddie commented on the "Guess Who # 2" post:

    stranger, you continue to amaze me.You are probably the only one who actually looked up the coordinates! You got it right. It's the spot where the Titanic is located.

    I'm wondering whether I am the only commenter who remembers Uncle Wiggily. My mother used to read that to me,___it had to have been before I was in kindergarten. I don't seem to recall the King James Only Coffee Shop, though.

  3. And I though I was supposed to be afraid of the Skeezix and the Pipsisewah!

  4. I was afraid of all of them, including Uncle Wiggily. (Just look at the picture)

  5. Peter Ruckman would scare anyone to turn to the "Breeches Bible!"

    The KJVer's (i.e., Krooks Jimmy Vehicles) fixate on the Bible that James authorized in order to remove these “seditious" Calvinist marginal notes!


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