Sunday, April 11, 2010

Corky at the Reformation Wall

Corky showed up at the Reformation Wall yesterday. I am not sure of the significance, but that is Rick Warren on Corky's right. The lady he is with is Urmila Vasundhra, her name means "enchantress of earth".
In an interview with Rick later, he stated that he is a blooming Calvinist but he wouldn't touch Calvinistic Cartoons with an eleven foot pole.
As Corky was about to leave, Mr. Warren approached him and whispered, "Cotton Adams was a Calvinist", thus earning himself a $1,000 prize.
He told reporters that he intends to use the winnings to promote his wife's new book, "The Purpose Driven Loaf", a bread cookbook he claims everyone kneads. 


  1. Blooming Id... you say?

    Kneadful one also...?

    Did he read the Institutes of Purpose Driven by Calvin & Hobbes?

  2. Urmila is Indian, what is she doing with Rick Warren?

  3. I am not sure. I think she is a spiritual advisor of some kind.

  4. If they're not careful, Corky may introduce them to the 'pile-driven' life!

  5. @Amrita:
    that was his personal prophet from Kansas City.
    Useful things sometimes!


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