Thursday, April 1, 2010

Corky's Gravesite

You can thank Polo LaFir for this photo of Corky's grave!
To view Corky's recorded life, look under this entry and find
labels: burial, corky, grave
then click on corky and you will have
all the postings of CV to date.
(you will have to click on older posts
when you reach the last one
to finish the series)


  1. [1960’s Intro Music to “Gumby”]

    He was once a little green hand grenade. CORKY!
    He isn’t marching in any Easter Parade. CORKY!
    He was fel’d by a gunman’s round for speaking words that were true.
    If you’ve got a heart then Corky’s a part of you.

    [the word verification for this comment is sinweal

    using "sinweal" in a sentence...

    The assassin's sin weal find him out.

    This comment was sponsored by the Committee for Bringing the Rascal that Quashed our Corky to Justice]

  2. I do not think that Corky is really dead. I think is death has been faked and he is currently in hiding with the CPP. (Calvinist Protection Program)

  3. By now, I'm sure everyone realizes this was just an April Fool's joke.'s not real.


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