Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Guess Who? #4

The man on the right, in the white hat and chaps is the one you will need to identify. Feel free to throw in a caption or two if you like. Here is your clue: This man attempted to showcase his versatility, by singing on the Tony Bennett television show years ago. That was really a lousy clue (but true) so I will give you one more: He was in the movie, Samson and Delilah. If you think it will help, try to imagine him with a beard. 


  1. Charles Grodin

    Caption " This cow poke must be an Arminian... he keeps losing his balance and fallin' off his horse. "

  2. Good guess, but wrong. Great caption!

  3. _______________________

    Voice (off-screen): "You boys didn't render Pa unconscious again with your horseplay, did you?

    Hop-Along: "No, Momma."

    (Voice): "You haven't been zapping anyone with that Stun-Gun, have you?"

    Guy in center: "NO!"

    (voice): "You aren't Robert Goulet, are you?"

  4. Guy at right: "No. I sing like him, but I am really Steve Reeves."

  5. Wrong Wrong

    No Robert Goulash and no Hercules Unchained!

  6. Matthew! Glad you guessed but you guessed wrong. (You can try as many times as you like!)

  7. Sheila (Mrs. Stranger) says that if it is not Charles Grodin, or Steve Reeves, it has to be George "Superman" Reeves.

  8. The poor hombre on the ground was gut shot by Hambone who hadn't sinned in five years at the time but had to start over.


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