Thursday, June 11, 2009

Power Outage and Caption Contest Winner

Last night a storm with 85 mile an hour winds blew through north Dallas. My electricity went out and hasn't been restored yet. I had to write the Little Known Quotes when I got to my job and am posting this while on my lunch break.
I will not be able to do a Photoshopped treatment of Caption Contest #20 until tomorrow (Lord willing) but, the winner is Aaron. Thanks to all who participated.


  1. Tree limbs down, shingles ripped off the roof and worst of all, we are going to have to toss everything in the fridge...and last time I talked with the wife there was still no power. I might have to do my Photoshopping by candle light tonight.

  2. We were spared here in Rowlett. My car cover even got spared as I was sure it was going to get ripped up by the wind.

    Let me know when you're free Eddie so we can meet up some time.

  3. Got word from some neighbors that it will be "days" before power is restored. The good thing is that other than the power we have no damage. Wife tried to get me to buy a generator last night for the fridge, but I couldn't rationalize spending $400 to save the $100 of food. Out of our 17 years of marriage this is the first time we could have used one.

    Fridge needed to be cleaned out anyway! And it makes me enjoy my office much better the past couple of days. So there ya go. :)

    Oh, and I would like to see ya doing the photoshopping by candle light! :) That's a pretty strong candle!


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