Monday, January 18, 2010

Just for Laughs #75

This is the new book just published
and found at your local Barnes and Noble


  1. Richard Dawkins sits down and waits for his next book attacking God to write itself.

  2. The Open Theism Book of Bible Prophecy

  3. "All the Free Will Verses in the Bible" by Herbert Lockyourvaluables

  4. 2010 Po-Mo Travelogue

    “Emerging destinations for discerning fellow travelers”


    Martian Hill: Site of the Nooman Invasion. Tour the new stone altar, the Velveteen Elvis, the Sex God, and other Po Mo attractions.

    Solomon’s Porsche: Home of the Universalist couch potatoes. Enjoy comfy chairs in the round, prayer labyrinths, and many other exciting innovations for Po Mo worship!

    Cedar Valley: Ventriloquism Central! Birth place of the new “Voice” revision of scripture for the Po-Mo at heart.

    Eastern Campolo University: A contemplative Sufi Monastery! Home of the Po-Mo classic “Letters to a Younger Rebel” and the “Red Letter Po Mo’s!”

  5. The Emergent / Postmodern Bible: What do YOU say is inerrant?

  6. George Bryson has written books against the Doctrines of Grace by attacking Reformed authors, illustrating that John 3:16 trumps Calvin, and unveiling the "darker side of Calvinism."

    We are still waiting for him to write a book proving that the Canons of Dort, from which TULIP is derived, have no basis in Scripture.


    "George, have you started typing, yet?"............"George?"

  7. "My Genuine Healings"
    by Bennie Hinn

  8. Arron Arminious thought the choose your own adventure books were so awesome he decided to write a systematic theology version.


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