Saturday, January 30, 2010

Corky at Trailer Park

Corky arrived safely at the Cotton Adams RV and Trailer Park Campgrounds in Woonsocket, South Dakota. This is the place where Cotton Adams discovered oil. Unfortunately, it was only cooking oil. His "Alphabet Game" began here and became the official game of Mudflap County.
Inspired by this famous Calvinist circuit rider, Corky decided to ride a horse to Mount Rushmore. That way he can "mount" and not "rush more". (bad pun I know, but somebody had to do it.)


  1. I'm enjoying Corky's adventure! Hope it goes well for him.

  2. Thanks Michael! I hope so too. He is a little accident prone.

  3. I'm glad Corky landed safely. His adventures are as exciting as the "Perils of Pauline."

  4. Laodicean butterfingers so close to our cheesy corker--oh my!

    At least he was greeted Nova Scotian style by a rousing piped in rendition of "Amazing Grace."

  5. It's a well known fact that Corky is inspired by every historical marker he reads.

  6. @Mr. Eddings:
    He's not the only one!


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