Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Meet Corky Velveeta

Corky Velveeta is the newest staff member at Calvinistic Cartoons. Seen here at the McKinney, Texas office, his assignment is to promote CC everywhere we can afford to send him. He leaves tomorrow for Mount Rushmore National Park in South Dakota. His costume was designed by the daughter of the second cousin of Edith Head's best friend's aunt. Corky will be wearing his Romans 9 attire on his travels. Look for him in your town. If you spot him, tell him "Cotton Adams is a Calvinist" and he will give you a thousand dollars! Those are the rules.


  1. What was truly amazing, Corky made it through International Airport TSA in costume while Edith Head's best friend's aunt (who is 75) was given a full-body search.

  2. Hard to think Edith Head without thinking Alfred Hitchcock. Greatest director of all time, though sadly Roman Catholic in religious conviction.

  3. Here is the very first appearance of Corky V.


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