Saturday, January 30, 2010

Packaged with Perfection


  1. I'll have the fruity pebbles, please.

  2. May we reach the place where we can pray, "Yes, Lord God the Almighty, true and just are Your judgments!"

  3. sir, I am not sure why God's wrath is used in such a light manner. This is a sober and coming reality for most in this world.

  4. Joe, first let me assure you that I take no Bible doctrine lightly. God's wrath is a very serious matter, as is every doctrine found in the pages of Scripture.
    Such is the "curse" of the Christian humor blog. Comedy without offense (and by that I am not referring to intentional offensive humor) is like truth without offense. I have offended a few with my "jokes" on Arminianism. (I have a few Arminian bloggers who actually enjoy my humor ann have become followers of Calvinistic Cartoons)
    There is a fine line, sometimes, between comedy and offense. We laugh at the Three Stooges and the "pain" they inflict on each other, but if we saw this in "real life" we would be horrified. Someone falls into an open manhole on the screen - we laugh - real life...not so funny.
    I was attempting to illustrate Revelation 16 and the bowls of wrath. I even mention that on the side of the box in hopes someone will read that chapter. I am not laughing at the lost and I would never take a humorous tone when discussing or teaching about this subject.
    And talk about truth that can offend - when we are glorified and in His likeness. We will rejoice and God's righteous judgment. Even when it is a close relative, whom we love dearly here on earth. When all is stripped away from their earthly veneer and the depravity is exposed, we, along with the angels will rejoice in God's perfect justice!
    Anyway, long story longer, I don't mean to offend by my brand of humor. If the readers would have this removed, I will gladly, well maybe not gladly, but I will remove it to the digital trashcan.
    Thanks for your letter of concern. I do appreciate it. (really)


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