Thursday, January 28, 2010

Comments are like Tips

I wish I could thank everyone personally for taking the time to comment on my blog.
Tips help to know you are doing something right. The more the better.
Unless, of course, it's counterfeit...then I will be taken to police headquarters and questioned until I confess. Please don't let that happen. I thank thee.


  1. Only Tip would be to explain some of the obscure inside humor.

    I am sometimes at a loss who "Cotton Adams" is (Cotton Mather?) and Koo Koo Baklava (I think made up prophet).

    Maybe have a little cheat sheet somewhere on who some of your wonderfully outrageous characters are a composite of (real or imagined)!

    Keep up the great art and comic relief. You can tell I am a fan by my numeorus lame attempts at humor (some too long for captions as Ethel Mormonism)!

    In the Lamb,

  2. It's not much but here's MY TWO CENTS WORTH.

  3. Tip #1 Never eat gum off of the sidewalk.

    #2 Baklava Koos Koos is very good. At least his speech writer is.

  4. Does he use two teleprompters?

  5. @ Sam -
    most of the time I create a name because it just sounds funny. (like Don Martin of Mad magazine's past glory, I find a lot of humor in just strange names alone.)
    I wanted Cotton Adams to sound legit (found out later there was a real Cotton Adams in Dallas. You can Google it)
    Baklava Koos Koos, of course, is just a play on words.

  6. @ Ralph -
    Your two cents are always welcome!
    Please - more pocket change from time to time. Your humor is not wasted here. (at home and at work maybe, but not here)

  7. @ Ellery -
    Tip #1 - wish I had known that before today!
    Tip #2 - I'll pass on the compliment!
    Mucas Grassfire Amigo.

  8. Is that 15 percent or 20 percent?


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