Monday, January 4, 2010

This Ad Should Be Filtered


  1. Remember when buble gum would get you in trouble at school?

    Comparing old questionable Pietistic amusements with Post-modern substitutes (Thanks Museum of Idolatry)!

    Instead of the old taboo of Tobacco we have "Smoking the Cross Pipe!"

    Instead of the old taboo of Drunkeness we have "Soaking Prayer!"

    Instead of the old taboo of Gambling we have Tarot Cards and the "Tattooed Church!"

    Instead of the old taboo of Dancing we have "Shaking it for Jesus!"

    Instead of the old taboo of Theater-Going we have the "Theater of the Absurd" every Sunday in the "Relevant Churches!"

  2. I keep getting the feeling that you must be over 50 years of age. Yes, I remember it well. I may have to take a poll someday (it's not considered stealing to take a poll...yet)just to see who among the readership is up in years.

  3. I'm a wee bit older than you are, Eddie, but if you persevere you may eventually catch up and even pass me.

  4. Since you mentioned age, I must be getting old - I just got your caption. Duh!

  5. "Extra value is what you get, when you smoke with the Diaconate."

  6. Taking Polls is an taboo best left to the Relevant Churchers, Church Growthers, and the Barnum and Bailey Research Group.

    Trust in God's Providence that He has exactly sent to you those He wants to bless with your gifts of righteous humor!

    Don't go "Shaking it for Jesus" or "Soaking in Prayer" from all the praise now! ;)

    In the Lamb,


  7. These blasted Arminian cigarettes, they keep losing their fire and have to be re-lit so often. Too bad they don't know about "once lit always on fire". I think I will use my free will and backslide on down to the store and make the decision to allow another brand to be lord of the cigatettes...

    (end of puns)


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