Friday, January 29, 2010

Corky's Bad Choice

Corky Velveeta flew Sky's Convertible Airlines today and had an out-of-plane experience he will never forget. Miraculously, no one was injured since they provide passengers in the convertible section with parachutes. Corky landed in a trailer park area somewhere near Woonsocket, South Dakota. He promised to send a photo and update for Saturday's Calvinistic Cartoons deadline. He still maintains that flying is safer than shark riding.


  1. Corky's landing in a Sanborn County trailer park was especially providential as the nearest Internet Cafe was over 100 miles endangering the Saturday deadline for Calvinistic Cartoons!

  2. Sam, I don't want to give away the complete adventure yet, but Corky's story takes a different path than the one you are writing.
    I have scheduled my CC postings in advance. I am almost a month ahead of myself. I hope to pre-schedule at least two months in advance so when I visit the states again I don't have to worry about maintaining my blog.

  3. Hmmm!! Velveeta...Velveteen...Velvet Elvis! Corky as in "put a Cork in the Velvet Elvis" sounds a little Robbellian maybe?

    Or am I too Cheesy? He is almost in Cheese Head country (i.e., Wisconsin). But he could swing by Mars Hill on the way to Mount Rushmore>

    Ohhh I can't wait too see what sets him off!!!!

  4. He is a fairly passive character..don't think he will explode like a real grenade.

  5. SamWise,

    I've said for several years now, "Robbellion is as the sin of witchcraft!" (cf. 1 Sam. 15:23)


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