Friday, January 22, 2010

The Hunt


  1. Having read "What Love Is This?" at the behest of an Arminian (and also former congregational member), I love this post. In some small way, it might not be a bad thing if he were arrested.

  2. Proof That Dave Hunt is a Catholic!

    Pelagius was a Catholic, therefore he believed in Catholic doctrine of placing tradition on a level with scripture.

    Since Dave Hunt also believes in Pelagianism, then anyone who believes in Pelagianism is really Catholic like Dave Hunt!

  3. “The Ultimate Conspiracy - Dave Hunt and the Pelagian Attempt to Hijack the Christian Faith”

    by Archie Bunker

  4. "I pleaded with Dave to turn himself in, but as if to mock me, he turned himself into a full blown Pelagian."

    (I see that SamWise has already "stolen my thunder", but I went ahead and posted, anyway.)


  5. It was then that the story took a strange, metaphysical twist. A voice from a Cloud called to Dave saying, "Come up here." They made a pact, and along with George Bryson as their "Pit Bull," became a sort of Free-Willing" trinity.

  6. Thunder...Clouds...a voice calling..."Come up Here"...!

    Next we will find out that there are some tablets buried under a hill and you need these special glasses to read them and....


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