Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Word Association #7


  1. The Calvin that Hobbes never knew verses the Calvin that Hobbes wished he never knew!

  2. As I mentioned on Def-Con when they posted this: Eddie, you know it's wrong to mess with the Calvin of cartoon land. Man, that's just wrong! Considerin' his side kick, I betcha he's at least a 10 point Calvinist.

    Peace in Christ to you and PRAISE God indeed for your daughter being cancer free! My daughter is engaged to married to a godly young man.

  3. Sorry about an error in my previous post. I saw this cartoon on 5 Pt Salt, not Def-Con. Def-Con posted one that should be yours, here: http://defendingcontending.com/2010/01/19/postmodern-chemistry-lab/

  4. I'm not saying Calvin & Hobbes wasn't a good comic strip...fact is, it was one of the greatest ever done! Bill Watterson is a genius! And like the Far Side, we only can view what was done. (sigh)
    My point was that a Calvinist will think (or should think) of John Calvin FIRST. The world knows only whats popular...hence, Calvin & Hobbes takes the forefront. (another sigh)

  5. Eddie - I was only yanking your chain. Trying to come across like a Roman Catholic watchdog protecting Mary. Should have so indicated on my original post. Grow not weary, my brother.

  6. We're all aware that Bill Watterson was referring to both John Calvin AND Thomas Hobbes, right?

    Hmmm, perhaps someone ought to draw Knox and Mary for the funnies?



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