Saturday, January 2, 2010

Arminian Symposium

Be sure to enlarge photo for maximum viewing

Last year I was able to sneak into the Radical Arminian Theologians Symposium (or RATS) to see the reaction of their study on Calvinistic Cartoons. (That's me 7th row 3rd from left) The symposium viewed any blog that listed CC among its blog or site list. Among those also studied were Tried by Fire, Pyromaniacs, The Sacred Sandwich, While We Sojourn, Trail Boss, The Contempory Calvinist, A Pilgrim's Progress, Against the Current, Invasion of the Tune Snatchers, Persevering Pastor, The Renewed Mind, The Wittenberg Door, Gospel Driven Disciples, Underdog Theology, Come Unto Him, Well-Meaning Gentlemen with Different Ideas, Reformed Voices, and Stranger in a Strange Land.
After the conference had ended, the panel of judges set fire to the screen and began playing a heavily modified version of Calvinopoly where everybody is elected. I barely escaped with my life after Rich Landowner spotted me and released the hounds.


  1. When the Semi-Peligian landowner (sitting in the fifth row, fourth from the right) had spied Eddie he cried aloud, "There's that Calvinistic Cartoonist whose has made a shipwreck of our faith with a good conscience to boot--May he fall, not only foully, but finally, so as to perish for ever...sickem boys!"

  2. We are glad you got out safely. We await eagerly the defriefing on the useles information you able to abscond with!

  3. Re. "Release the hounds."

    We rented the movie, Up a couple of days ago. The next time you sneak into the Arminian Symposium, take a couple of tennis balls in your jacket pockets. Then, toss them into a hallway to distract the hounds.

    Of course, that isn't going to work if next time Rich Landowner calls out, "Release the rhinoceroses!"


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