Saturday, January 16, 2010

Found Safe and Sound


  1. Sorry... but scratching my head on this one... can you enlighten me?

  2. (sorry 'bout that...I realize it is a little esoteric)
    Angus Duncan has the humor blog, "The Sacred Sandwich". His postings were absent for about a week because his "real life" workload was overwhelming.
    Now, find the Calvinistic Cartoon posting for January 13 - "Have You Seen This Man?" and read the should be on track after that.
    "Angus" is a friend of mine and I was concerned about his "disappearance".

  3. ...oh yeah, be sure to enlarge the magazine cover so you can read the newspaper headlines on the table.

  4. Editor Bill Burkett Arrested in Duncan Case!

    As reported earlier, the lead to the infamous Duncan missing persons case was passed along to Scotland Yard via Homeland Security. A source close to family has confirmed that the ransom note emailed to the local newspaper that had included an apparent image of Angus bound and gagged in front of a "Leadership Network Subway" was a major clue.

    Scotland Yard volunteered their famous detective, Sherlock Holmes on the case.

    Commenting to Detective Fiction Weekly's Chief Pyromaniac Phil Johnson, "My dear Johnson, "It's the facts...the facts that lead you to answers....surely all your learning has not clouded your vision to see that the anonymous witness information about Duncan and his being lured into his captivity by the misleading advertisement for "Sandwich Artist wanted for sacred convention of Green Global Windbag Warmers/Ice Agers" was the first clue! How did the local newspaper know?...By what manner did they happen to have the photo of poor Angus?...It was the editor Bill Burkett!...He had even tried to shift suspicion away from himself by contributing to a local milk cartoon campaign to find the honorable Duncan. As it turned out..the fonts of the letter had apostrophes in the note that use curled serifs that matched the same typewriter he had used in the famous Rathergate case. Also a fact was that the camera used to make the photo was found among Burkett's possessions with the image still on it...So you see my Dear Johnson...You could have solved this case by following the facts!"

  5. Brilliant!!! You have a talent like none I have ever seen.

  6. Not just a detective / crime magazine

    Hey Eddie. The picture of the Detective Fiction Weekly caught my interest, so I immediately ran down to the local Valero Station to see if they had any copies of it on their magazine stand. After being distracted by the tabloid with the headline, OPRAH BECOMES A NUN, I finally found it.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see not only detective stories, but those of other genre as well. (Probably to appeal to a wider audience.)

    In addition to the "Solved Crimes" section, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, there is a "Humor column", by Sir Arthur Conan O'Brien, an "Outdoor Adventure" story by Sir Arthur Conan The Barbarian, and a "Book Review", by Sir Arthur Conan the Librarian (only die-hard Weird Al fans will understand)

    Thanks for alerting me to the existence of this neat mag.

  7. Stranger, that was right funny! I did several comic pages for the Comics Buyers Guide years ago and a series of prints called "Conun, the Hanna-Barbarian" and your humor would have fit in perfectly. But, you wouldn't have been paid a dime...just like the rest of us.

  8. btw...thanks lunchboxsw for your question.


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