Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tough Crowd


  1. I forgot to mention it but, Spud Daily is also a family man. He has four little tater tots at home.

  2. If he doesn't get it together soon, he will mashed. Of course that will fry his family who is depending on him. Did he go in half-baked in to this adventure? I just boil when good potatoes aren't given a chance. His chances for sucess seemed to have been sliced. Do you think the O'Briens can give him a hand? Scalloped seems to be what that tough crowd has in mind

  3. Unknown to this youth group, “Spud Daily” Solanaceae was very “street wise” from a large relevant church in the Playskool district of Hasbro, Rhode Island. His youth group there had the distinction of being the first to ever be advertised on television. But he had also demonstrated there that he was outspoken, sarcastic, jealous and often changed his hats, eyeglasses, pipe, and facial hair while on stage, dancing, and performing for his youth.
    He had a great support system including his “Sweetheart spud,” his little tator tots Kestrel , Maris Piper, Rooster, and Russet, their little Spudette “Spud Bunny,” his older Brother “Quayle” Spud, Sister Yam, and his buddies Oscar the Orange and Pete the Pepper.

    When interviewed by the Diaconate, it grated on him that they wanted to hash, dice, slice, chip, mash, boil, peel, and flake his plan for their youth so “Spud Daily” responded, “Though my predecessor only had a partly baked, ill-conceived, badly thought-out, foolish; totally unsound, screwball, crazy scheme without a prayer of working nor having any common sense, my recovery plan is fermenting and is “twice baked” and based on the wise Japanese proverb, “It's not how many times you fall, but how many times you stand up.”
    He defended, “I will center myself and remind myself of my goals here at this church and move on because in the end, we're only human aspiring to be our best, but life happens.” Inside, however, he was steamed, baked, roasted, and French-fried about those little chips and cubes that he was going to have to make into scallops, dumplings, pancakes, and salads with Au Gratin, sour cream, and chives to boot! Making having that “small” bloody Mary cocktail, screwdriver, tonic, and martini made with White Russian Vodka afterwards all the more necessary.

  4. Ah... the problem of hiring from out of state from a temp agency.


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