Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Two Old Silent Covers

This is no joke. I just wanted to share two old Avon paperback covers of the C.S. Lewis classic. Interesting blurbs on the covers. One compares Lewis with Edgar Rice Burroughs - the creator of Tarzan.


  1. ERB also wrote a series of novels about Mars and his hero John Carter. However ERB novels are more of an adventure/action genre set in a Sci-Fi world. Lewis' trilogy encompassed the whole universe in actuality.

  2. Amazing that an unabridged novel was only 35 cents! I remember the 5 cent comics and the true yellow "paperbacks" (probably in Times New Roman not Papyri!).

    Ole for the good ole days...we walked uphill back and forth to school in the snow....

  3. You know, they were gonna make a John Carter movie series last year or so but went some other route, sadly.
    I'd like to see this series made into a movie if they ever finish Narnia... doubt they will; too Christian for Hollywood. who knows?

  4. I'd give a king's ransom for a first edition.


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