Monday, June 15, 2009

The Journal of Cotton Adams #10

May 15th, 1739

It's amazing to me how many ministers I meet with the name "Cotton". I have had the honor of meeting four such men in the last ten months. Yesterday, while preaching in Mifflin, Missouri I met a rather absorbing gentlemen by the name of "Cotton Mattress".
My sermon that day included my belief that baptism should be done by immersion, as it represents being buried with Christ and raised to new life. I had mentioned that you wouldn't just sprinkle dirt on a man's face as he lie in the grave. And I emphasized it is for a new believer.
Well, Rev. Mattress took issue with me on that subject shortly afterwards.
Our conversation went something like this:

Cotton Mattress: "Do you always dunk a new convert?"
Me: "Yes, without fail…I may have to look for a pond or lake, but I will always find enough water for the task."
Mattress: "You mentioned in your sermon that you were in the Lord's Army."
Me: "Yes, I believe I did."
Mattress: "Well, I believe the Lord's Navy is more fitting for you, sir."

With that he turned around quickly and collapsed of heat exhaustion.

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